Miss Collinsville 2020
Faith Steedman

Age: 18
School: Oklahoma City Community College
Talent: Lyrical Dance
Platform: Educating Young Teens to Unplug and Refresh

Our society is focused on social media and although it’s an amazing tool for us to use to speak our minds and affect change, it can be dangerous, particularly for young people who are susceptible to comparing themselves to the images of perfection on their screens. I want to teach young children/teenagers how to use social media in a positive way.

I have personally experienced the dangers of social media comparison. I allowed jealousy of those perfect images to control me. Online, I pretended to be someone I wasn’t, and that began to affect who I believed I was in my real life. It changed me. I became shut off I believe that I could have avoided some dark days if I had known how to properly manage my social media time.

I want to use this platform to share my story, to encourage young girls and boys to use social media to empower and encourage each other and know when to step away from it. My idea of “The One Day Ditch” to unplug and refresh came from the idea of the “social media cleanse.” As we scroll through social media, we are constantly refreshing our feed, wanting to always be informed with what is happening in the world around us. When we spend too much time on so­cial media, I believe we can easily forget about ourselves and become too fixated on the screen in front of us.

Through “The One Day Ditch,” I’ll encourage others to take time to unplug - step away from so­cial media - and refresh themselves and their mindsets by focusing on something else. The One Day Ditch consists of putting aside social media for one day each week. It doesn’t matter what day, and the day may change from week to week. This day gives us the opportunity to spend time with family and friends, to take a walk, read a book, to do whatever makes our souls happy, to reevaluate our social media goals, and to reflect on areas where we can improve during the next week. The One Day Ditch is effective because when we take care of ourselves, we have energy and healthy insight to take care of others through the gift of social media. I have challenged many of my friends to ditch social media for a day and it has proven to be helpful to each of them.

I believe that if the students I speak to choose to accept the challenge, they will love it and con­tinue to participate in The One Day Ditch and through this, experience a more positive
relation­ship with others through social media

Miss Collinsville's
Outstanding Teen 2020
Cayden Sadler

School: Cheyenne Middle School
Talent: Jazz Dance
Platform: Live Life, Give Life: Broadening Perceptions of Organ Donation

If you're someone who drives or who has applied for a state identification card, there has a been a very important question posed at the time of your registration: Would you like to be an organ donor? If you answered Yes, a tiny red heart appears on the front of your license. When you say Yes, your information will be forwarded to the state organ donor registry. Making this decision is selfless and heroic because at any given time, right here in the U.S. alone, over 100,000 people are waiting for an organ transplant. But what many people don't realize is that there is another way to help those in need of an organ transplant: becoming a living donor.

Last spring, I had the opportunity to learn more about the impact of donating an organ to someone you have matched with as I watched my mom donate her kidney to her own mother. Seeing first-hand how sick my grandmother was, my family knew that we would do anything within our power to ensure the best outcome. She was placed on an organ waiting list and we learned that, in her case, a living donation would allow her to receive the best quality organ much sooner. Kidney donors must have a compatible blood type with the recipient. Since my Mom was a match, she could begin the progression of becoming a donor. I had the opportunity to be included in the entire journey, learning from our Living Donor Coordinator just how the

As Miss Oklahoma's Outstanding Teen, I want to share my story to promote all the possibilities of becoming a living organ donor. My plan is two­fold. First, I plan to grow my advocacy with Donate Life America's Oklahoma chapter by hosting fundraisers and educating others about how they can become an organ donor by promoting through social media and public speaking engagements. Second, I will continue to provide comfort to patients giving and receiving an organ donation by providing organ shaped pillows to them as they recover. This was something my mom received after her operation which helped her with the healing process. My plan is to provide these pillows to every living donor and recipient across the state of Oklahoma.

Ultimately, I want every Oklahoman to know that while everyone should strongly consider registering as an organ donor living donation offers another choice for transplant candidates. These living donations save two lives: the recipient's and the next patient who is on the deceased organ waiting list. Even better, kidney and liver patients who are able to receive a living donor transplant can receive the best quality organ much sooner, often in less than a year. I plan to educate, encourage, and empower people to live life and give life through living organ donation.